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SDS E-Book Fundraising Program

SDS will help your non-profit organization increase organizational awareness and funding. By engaging author Fran Allen's extensive fundraising experience, you can position your organization for continued growth and development, programmatically and financially. Got your attention?

Considering the current economic climate in our country and the slashing of funding for non-profit organizations, who couldn't use a little help? The SDS EBook Fundraising Program is a creative and innovative effort to raise organizational awareness and funding at the same time for non-profit organizations, community-based programs and academic institutions.

Each one of the organizations participating in the SDS E-Book Fundraising Program represents a way to meet an important need in our community.  SDS is committed to doing what we can to raise the quality of life for humanity by using the sale of author Fran Allen’s books.  A portion of the proceeds from every e-book sold will be donated to a participating organization in support of their vision for uplifting the community.  Step up and be the change you’re waiting for!  We have.

See Past Participating Organizations below:

Coppin State University, School of Nursing
Light, Health and Wellness Comprehensives Services, Inc.
Bon Secours Spiritual Center
Miracles & More Christian Charm Academy
St. Agnes Hospital Foundation
The Salvation Army – Baltimore Area Command
Sojourner Douglass College Foundation
Black Professional Men
American Cancer Society
K. E. Y. S. Development
Spirit Feet, Inc.
Pink Wishes
Sisters Network Baltimore Metropolitan
Woodstock Job Corps, Student Government Association

Current E-Book Fundraiser: 
2019 Building Young Entrepreneurs (BYE) Campaign, Lagos, Nigeria

This campaign in collaboration with several partners and a collection of seasoned entrepreneurs from around the world is designed to steer young minds in entrepreneurial and industry leadership skills, to prepare them for the challenges of business ownership therein and provide them with the needed guidelines required to succeed. It is to also identify and provide support in the form of coaching and mentoring for these future leaders. Please support this current fundraiser by buying the e-book and asking your network to do the same!


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